“Trumpelling around”

Can you remember the “Shutdown”. That was in autumn 2013 when the Republicans voted to block the budget for 2013 in order to (amongst other things) derail Obamacare. In addition there was the risk of the global power USA going bankrupt because the right wing of the party, the so-called Tea Party, linked increasing the debt ceiling with the demand for delaying Obamacare. The US would no longer be creditworthy. A state bankruptcy threatened. 800,000 federal servants could temporarily not be paid. Washington shut down…..
That was 3 years ago. The Republicans‘ reasons for this attempted political blackmail against Barack Obama are the same ones that have now led Donald Trump to election victory: the fear of being overrun by foreigners. As a result of high immigration levels, which will turn the white population in the USA into a minority in the coming decade, the Republicans have lost more and more ground. 

Traditionally, the immigrants from Mesoamerica and Asia are fans of the Democratic Party. From the point of view of the radical wing of the Republicans, the Tea Party, Obama’s “Communist” health reform and the attempt to cause it to fail was to be understood as one of the last power games of a party, which had to reorient itself both structurally and in terms of content (it is worth noting that Alexander Van der Bellen is always called a “Marxist” by the ultra-conservative voters in the ongoing Austrian federal presidential election).

It is for this reason that a new strategy was called into being: demographic development as a threat.

First success: the midterms 2014

The strategy began to work and in 2014 the Republicans gained a majority in the midterms in the Senate and Congress. It became increasingly difficult for the Democratic President to implement his government projects. The Republicans increasingly had only one thing in mind: the protection and defence of the rights of the “white man“.

The Eurocentric world view, that according to many European commentators and politicians characterizes the political situation in the US, has hailed Barack Obama as a superstar and liberal from the beginning. Now, it is clear that the EU and its Member States are exclusively concerned with US foreign policy. Exactly ….. still, a superstar according to European criteria? In 2008, through the first online election campaign and its ingenious online marketing strategy, Obama created the image of the smart, cool, first black president to such an extent that the European view of his domestic policies could no longer be truly objective and factual.

In the US, attacks against the black population increased massively despite a black president. Persistent immigration from the Asian and Mesoamerican countries and negative comments directed at them on the part of the Republicans radicalized the country more and more. WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) had once again become fashionable. Not in their derogatory form, but as the social stratum that “takes” its “US back from those who have temporarily taken over the power (Obama). The white American middle and upper class is once again (politically) on top to the horror of all. This is because nobody cared about them except for passionate attempts made by the likes of the Democrat Elizabeth Warren for example.
In addition, many blacks were severely disappointed by Obama’s policies and therefore also became non-voters.

Trump came. Saw. And won.

Trump did not come from the Republican political establishment. That was and is the only reason why he came across such wide rejection within the Republicans. He had no network, no allies, no “experts” but this of course has changed by the minute since his election. He did however have a huge advantage because he built himself up as a defender of the white man (and his housewife if we are to stay true the way Trump views women).

He spoke out the things that the Republicans politically could not or did not want to express in a very clear way. Especially the leader of the Republicans in the Congress, Ryan Paul, who is said to have ambitions for the White House himself, kept himself rather nobly in the background and refused, for example, to meet Trump because of his misogynistic statements.

The voters liked it nevertheless. The “White Man” moves into the “White House” and returns the American to America. He shows who the real man is in the white-man’s American White House.

And Europe?

The media coverage almost ended in hysteria, in the depiction of a new world order (already initiated by the rise of the EU (!), China and India) where the Trump voter is described as dull-witted and ignorant. European arrogance towards internal political conditions in the USA was shown as European views were transposed 1:1 onto the USA without consideration for developments within the United States (as Europe suddenly functions as a unit again).

Everyone is just “trumpelling” around. And the result will be that Europe does not draw any benefits from Trump’s victory for itself, but continues to argue amongst itself and act arrogantly and in a disunited fashion (the EU army comes to mind). With the result that Europe is abolishes itself.

Then the old world order would have been restored. Because the political, because European centre is missing.

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